Music and Marijuana Have a Long History

Music and Marijuana Have a Long History

Music is an open window to the soul, you develop with it a certain intimacy, you found yourself in it, in moments of joy and even in those little moments of depression, music saves you, finds its way through your demons and this is why everybody has its own taste of music.

And then marijuana happened, to add some mysterious beauty to your music, to give you your own style, and fit with your music.  Yeah, music and marijuana have a long ride together, and they shared a very long history, music and marijuana combined gave birth to a place no one assumed existed before.  Today’s music has been severely influenced by marijuana, yet it is a good thing to discuss.  Many songs have chosen for their title weed and marijuana as references of how good they can turn up to be.

Eugene Oregon’s Growing Music Scene

Eugene cannabis use has grown in popularity along with their expanding music scene. If you’ve ever attended a live show, odds are you’ve witnessed other concert goers sparking up a joint while listening to the tunes of their favorite bands. Marijuana heightens the senses and bring people together, this is clearly evident at concerts.

Country music and marijuana

Many singers started singing and marrying music with beers and whiskeys, that it became somehow cliché, so they switched to marijuana, and surprisingly the result wasn’t disappointing.  Willie Nelson is one of the biggest stars in country music and a huge advocate for marijuana.  You can see him talk about it here.

Reggae and marijuana

Can I even talk about reggae without mentioning Bob Marley? I certainly cannot and neither can you.

Bob Marley’s songs and lyrics wouldn’t exist without the passion he had for marijuana, it was his muse, he got famous because of it.

Electronica and marijuana

A very tied up relationship but yet a very close one, they added to their songs, many references all about weed, drugs, and marijuana.

Electronica artists just loved being involved with marijuana that they couldn’t hide it or be ashamed of it, instead, they sang about it and we’re proud.

Hip hop and marijuana

Wiz Khalifa is most known by his love to marijuana, he smokes as he breathes, I guess marijuana is in his veins.

Of course, let’s surely not forget to talk about the master of hip-hop Snoop Dogg who integrated himself into the marijuana game a long time ago.

Hip hop and marijuana are one, no need to insist more on how those two are true lovers and share the longest history ever.

Jazz and marijuana

Their story sucks on so many levels, jazz is classy, and marijuana is messy, they couldn’t fit although there were so many attempts to build a relationship, still, marijuana always managed to in filter every kind of music and crushes down its barriers.

I can go with this for days, and I won’t finish listing all types of music who had gladly adapted marijuana to their options and lifestyle.

The cannabis industry in Washington state

They are defending their marijuana thanks to music and its celebrities who decided a long time ago to add marijuana to their culture and produce songs about it, showing how they got influenced positively by it.  Music is everything and marijuana gave it a different taste.

Famous Musicians Who Are Also Cannabis Advocates

Famous Musicians Who Are Also Cannabis Advocates

The legalization of cannabis has been gaining traction over the past few years. States like Washington and Colorado who were once at the forefront of the legal cannabis movement have been joined by many others in the push to make cannabis a federally legal substance. For years musicians have been an integral part of this campaign, using their followings and influence to impact legislation.

We all know the names. The absolute cornerstones of cannabis support in the music industry. People like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, and Melissa Etheridge just to name a few have been highly visible promoters of cannabis for years. However the list of musicians advocating for legal cannabis far surpasses these few cornerstone musical celebrities in the pro-cannabis court. A surprising list of names you will surely recognize also champion the use of cannabis.

Jack Black

Comedian and musician Jack Black does much more than simply write hilarious lyrics about marijuana consumption. Black also sits on a marijuana-based advisory board and has championed not only the legalization of cannabis but also its regulation. Black’s celebrity was at its highest as an actor however it should not be forgotten that he has a loyal musical following as well as many musical gifts and talents. Black is thus able to serve as a visible cannabis supporter for both musical and cinematic entertainment fans.

Alanis Morissette

The hugely popular 90s musician Alanis Morissette is a name most of us are familiar with yet many may not know what a stern and steadfast supporter of cannabis she is. Morissette believes that cannabis stimulates her creative function and allows her mind receptivity to messages and stimuli that may otherwise be blocked from her cognitive and creative abilities.

Justin Timberlake

Teen pop sensation turned R&B star Justin Timberlake doesn’t hold back when admitting his fondness for cannabis and suggesting it’s unparalleled relaxation effects. Timberlake, while not an overly vocal supporter of cannabis, readily admits to using the substance particularly at times when he needs to wind down or even just shut off entirely. While Timberlake is less vocal regarding his use, he’s perhaps one of the most prominent musical celebrities around openly discussing the positive effects of cannabis.


While some artists seem like obvious supporters of cannabis, others seem the exact opposite. Madonna’s music does not typically conjure imagery consistent with marijuana use and yet she is a very open supporter of cannabis. While Madonna may not be leading any movements or writing lyrics consistent with pot smoking like some of her contemporaries, she is not shy about discussing her enjoyment of the herb. Compounding this is Madonna’s prestige as a legend in the industry and the immense fan following she commands.

Barbara Streisand

Wrapping up our list of surprising supporters of cannabis in the music industry is Barbara Streisand. Streisand admitted as early as 2012 that she has enjoyed cannabis throughout her career, dating as far back as the 70s. While Streisand openly admits her use of the substance, she is less involved in moving it forward in a progressive sense as some of her musical counterparts. There is even an indication that as she’s aged she has partaken less and less in cannabis usage. However, with her tremendous platform as a musical legend, it should not go unnoticed that she is in favor of its use and benefits.

In sum, a wide range of musical talents spanning several genres of music are known cannabis supporters. Some have made entire careers off of it. While cannabis is becoming more widely accepted in mainstream society, the continued support from musicians is only serving to quicken the pace of acceptance.