lacosteintolerance asked: yooooo i cant wait for you to be like number one on the charts so I can be like "YOOOO I KNEW HIM WHEN" even tho I barely knew you when but like i dont even careeee. also if you're ever in Providence (lol why would you be, barely a city) I would totes be down to get you in touch with some of the people who put on shows at Brown. as far as I know we have budget to pay for sick shit and u are, obviously, the sickest.

Aw thanks Elijah! That’s what’s up I appreciate that so much.

truantt asked: can you play in scotland soon please


haaaaaaahn asked: yo where da anonymous option at


2813308004 asked: I'm so glad I found your music! your sound is so unique, it's refreshing. Keep it up ❤

Thanks love glad you found me too.

dragonmaster559 asked: What would need to happen to make you feel like you've "made it" as an artist?

Nothing, I’ma always create & grind like I got nothing. 

haaaaaaahn asked: when da album droppin

New EP this month. #futurememoirs

brundoggs asked: Are you currently enrolled in a university?


retrospartan asked: Yo bruh I really fucked with the show you did opening for Flatbush. Whens the next show?

Responded super late but July 26th, 10 Thousand Sounds Festival Downtown Minneapolis w/ Polica.

traveltothethird asked: Did you meet Justin Vernon??

Ya that’s the big homie

kniiiin asked: moon,,,,,,,, is life

Thank you.



Allan Kingdom: The Northern Gentleman

Allan Kingdom: The Northern Gentleman