waterous asked: BRO U SLAPPED


quintond asked: Just wanted to tell you that your music inspires me. It is a perfect soundtrack to create to. I loved the song "Context", it really struck a chord in me. I made this video to it, check it out :)

Thanks I’ma check it!

coatedframes asked: Hey boo, How long you in Toronto for? Do you have a secret show? Real fans wanna knoooow! Thanks xox -Ace

Til the 25th. Real fans will know ;) <3


From new EP “Future Memoirs”

Director/DP/Editor/VFX: Ben Hughes
Co-Director: Allan Kingdom
Drone Operator: Jake Handregard

Written and Produced by Allan Kingdom
Co-Produced by Plain Pat.

haaaaaaahn asked: lol moderation go so hard

Hahaha thanks

in Toronto.

kibagandhi asked: Dope album. Keep doing your thing Allan. Proud of you man. Your the people's champ, we're routing for you. No matter how hard it may get the universe is on your side, every step of the way. Peace & Love.

Peace and love to you brother, I appreciate the good energy and support. It means a lot.

oh-nopeeee asked: When are you gonna be in Chicago man?! God I love your voice and you and spooky together was just heaven. Future memoirs is amazing and so are you 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Actually next month. That was a fun collab! Thanks hun. <3

haaaaaaahn asked: you look like the brodie ntetokounmpo

Well if he looks as cool as his name then thank you.

andresramirezaz asked: Hey Allan! I love all your music bro, it's pure genius. #FutureMemoirs for you is like College Dropout to Kanye. I'm glad that you are doing so amazing. Let me know if you ever visit AZ so I can go to your show. Good Luck Allan!

Thank you, that means a lot man. That’s a really great compliment :D Fosho I’ll keep everyone posted on where I’ll be!

Future Memoirs will be available on June 30th.

flaagstaffaurazona asked: Yoooo Allan! It is 1 am and I can't sleep and I just discovered your music through a follower on Instagram and I am hella impressed! Your music is so refreshing and a reminder that real hip-hop still exists! Much love to you, can not wait to hear what's next for you!

Thank you! Well Future Memoirs is next!

lacosteintolerance asked: yooooo i cant wait for you to be like number one on the charts so I can be like "YOOOO I KNEW HIM WHEN" even tho I barely knew you when but like i dont even careeee. also if you're ever in Providence (lol why would you be, barely a city) I would totes be down to get you in touch with some of the people who put on shows at Brown. as far as I know we have budget to pay for sick shit and u are, obviously, the sickest.

Aw thanks Elijah! That’s what’s up I appreciate that so much.